A Note on the Coronavirus

Below is an updated statement regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on Shepherdstown Church. If you have any further questions or concerns, contact our administrative assistant at the church office (717-766-3076).

An Update on the Coronavirus from Pastor Liddick: June 19, 2020


I begin with a word of thanks to all who responded to the survey that sought your thoughts on when and how we might again worship in the Shepherdstown facilities. There have been more than 130 online and mailed in responses. Your thoughts on our gathering as God’s people in the Shepherdstown sanctuary count and that is why we have been taking the time to carefully prepare to have worship at the SUMC setting. Also, please continue to pray for your church, pray about your part in the ministry of your church, and pray for leadership and the decisions made for the good of all.

Our task group that is working toward making the facilities ready for gatherings has met three times. But more, members of that group have assignments that have them doing their part to cause us to gather again safely and respectfully. As I had mentioned in these weekly updates concerning the survey, the question on when you would come back was revealing. Those responding with immediately were 41 % of the total. Various answers were given by 59 % of respondents on why and when they would again come for worship. Some are taking a wait and see approach; some are waiting until students are back in school; some are observant of their health situation. Those many reasons are put forth by folks who want to be assured that the virus has a minimal effect when we get together and they participate again.

As mentioned in the title of this announcement, we are ready to start up worship next week, June 28th. For now, only one service will be offered and we will gather for worship at 9:30. Initially we will only have worship; no Sunday School or small groups for now. We are looking to phase in small group gatherings a little later.

To assure that protocols of the CDC are followed and to set things up properly so that people of the congregation would have comfort level at returning, we are practicing due diligence in our efforts. You will receive more information next week. Detailed instructions on limitations and restrictions will be provided. Again, preparations are being made, but we want to do things right. Thank you for your patience and prayers!

Pastor Gene Liddick.