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The church office is open Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. These times are sometimes subject to change depending on staff availability due to vacation or illness.

The Church Office phone number is 717-766-3076

Email us at


If there is an emergency call 717 458-8874, it rings to my cell unless I am out of town at some distance or for an extended time.

If you need information, a question answered or need a quick check; an email is an excellent way to reach me – I check my email probably four times a day. Even if you want a conversation, you may contact me most quickly by sending a quick email asking me to call you. On days off, I may not be in cell range and may not respond unless you state that it is urgent.

You may also call the church office when it is open (check office hours above). I typically am off on Friday (which means I work about one Friday each month.) Remember, even when the office is open, our Administrative Assistant may be on another line or in another part of the church. If you can’t call in those hours or reach us during them, leave a message, and we’ll get back with you.

If you want to meet in person, it is best to call to set an appointment. While I am in the church much of the time during the day Monday – Thursday, I also go to meetings, visit hospitals or those who are shut in and may not be there for a host of other possible reasons. Deb has my electronic calendar so she can make appointments for me. You can email me to make an appointment. As a general rule, I do not meet people when the church is empty, but there are activities most Sunday and Wednesday nights, from 10 – 2 Monday through Thursday. We can also schedule to meet in a public venue. So you can walk in and hope I am there and available when you do, but if you want/need to connect call the church, the emergency number or email me.

-Pastor Dennis