"For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and will mislead many.

Matthew 24:5

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Deb Kenes

Team Leader of The Prayer Team

My heart was racing as much as his. My two adult children held my hands as the ambulance pulled away from the house. My mind kept repeating the phrase “fear not, for I am always with you”. Medical emergencies are always terrifying. There is no control, no structure, no way of knowing the end result. I prayed that my husband would be coming back to this home we have been renovating for 36 years. Visions of projects and events and child rearing whipped through my head as we headed for the car to follow the ambulance. Dumb things like - where do I turn off the water if I need to, how do I adjust the thermostat which is new and a mystery to me, who can I trust to fix my car - things that Darryl has always taken care of. How do you “fear not”? Scripture tells us over 300 times to do just that. I found an explanation in Crosswalks.com that helps.

1. Remember God has promised he will never leave you

2. Remember God is never surprised by our circumstances.

3. Remember God can work your circumstances out for good (Satan will try to convince you that your situation is the exception. But Satan is a liar.)

4. Stop asking, “Why did this happen?

5. Remind yourself of all God has done for you

6. Remind yourself God is bigger than whatever you fear

7. Visualize yourself placing whatever scares you into God’s hands

It is still hard but knowing that God knows us so well and still extends his loving, capable, hands to us, is empowering. Let Him fight your battle. Let Him handle what you cannot. Offer your trust in his plan for you. And pray……

Father God, you are the great I AM. And I am me, so small, so worried, so scared. Plant in me a faith that doesn’t allow fear to overcome. Help me to stand solidly in your promises. Allow my heart to fill itself with the love you have for me and use it to fight off the emptiness of the Evil one. Lord, I am in your grip! Amen.

The Prayer Team(s) would like to offer their prayers on your behalf. Join us if you are able or let us know what we can share with the Lord for you. We meet the third Monday of the month in the Lounge. You have two meeting times available – 12:30P and 7:30P. Come… Deb Kenes

Prayer Requests
Email Prayer Chain: Contact the church office to place a prayer request on our email prayer chain. You can call 717-766-3076 and talk to the Administrative Assistant or leave a message, you can also email Deb.buterbaugh@shepherdstownumc.org with your request. If you are making a request for someone else, it is crucial to have the prayer recipient’s direct permission. Your information will be sent through the email prayer chain asap.