Pastors Corner

Dennis Otto, Senior Pastor


Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals . . . .” Luke 10:4

I do not travel light. Its hard for me not to take everything I need to be prepared for anything that might come up. A day hike, a camping trip, going home after a day’s work . . . I want to be able to depend upon myself. It’s not really a bad thing but it does mean that I want to show my independence instead of my dependence upon God.

In times of challenge, when the unexpected seems to become the expected overnight, many Christians fret, worry and complain. The truth about our church (and every church) is that Shepherdstown is Jesus’s church. Before we were here, or our parents before us Jesus was moving in this little community then a tiny village in the middle of farmlands. Jesus loves this church more than anyone because it is His church, bought and paid for by his blood. He not only loves it more than any of us, he knows it better than we do and if we are faithful to his mission, he will give us all good gifts we need. I truly believe that God is working through his Holy Spirit, even though we don’t see it yet. He is preparing people to come and work with children and youth. He is preparing a new pastor by moving in her or his heart to get them ready to come and minister among you.

I wish I knew right now what God was doing now, but I believe he is working this church because it is one his many loved congregations. In time we will discover what he has already been doing.