Joel Report

Shepherdstown United Methodist Church (“Shepherdstown Church”) carefully assembled a Joel Team to seek, develop and articulate God’s desire for the future of Shepherdstown Church. The Joel Team is comprised of committed members of varying ages, backgrounds and experience in ministries. Since its inception in the Spring of 2018, the Joel Team has met on a consistent (almost monthly) basis and often worked diligently between meetings to complete various reviews, interviews and research. The Joel Team conducted research, which included interviews of leaders within the surrounding communities, interviews of those of our congregation and reviewing the Executive Insite Report (providing information on the demographics, trends and projections of the community surrounding Shepherdstown Church). After gathering information and conducting its research, the Joel Team prayerfully considered God’s intentions for Shepherdstown Church, which has culminated in the generation of this Report. This Report includes the Joel Team’s perceived strengths and areas of concern at Shepherdstown Church as well as recommendations for Shepherdstown Church to overcome the obstacles identified in the areas of concern and achieve God’s purpose for Shepherdstown Church.

JOEL Team Report - May 2019