Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, the Church Office will utilize the following options for notification of a cancellation. Sunday morning worship will almost never be cancelled. However, we ask you to use your own discretion in determining if the roads and sidewalks are safe for travel. When a team/committee/group meeting or group event (choir rehearsal, youth, egg making, etc.) needs to be cancelled, you will be contacted by the team/committee/group leader via a phone call, text or email. All group cancellations will be at the discretion of each group leader, and he/she will be responsible for contacting the members of that group. When a weekday Church activity needs to be cancelled, (Lenten meal, Game Night, etc.), please call the Church Office at 717-766-3076, you will be able to listen to an updated message concerning a cancellation and if you have provided your email address to the Church, you will receive an email notification early Sunday Morning prior to 7:00 am or go to the homepage on our Church Website at The church office follows the Mechanicsburg Area School District delays or cancellations.

PARKING LOT SNOW REMOVAL THIS WINTER: All parking lots will be plowed when the snow depth reaches 2” or more. In addition, we will salt both side lots, the lot across the street and the first three parking rows of the rear lot. We will salt the remainder of the rear lot if there is snow on Christmas Eve. The Trustees hope this will not inconvenience anyone and that you will use your own good judgment about parking on the rear parking lot when it snows.